This Is What Happens When You Freeze Your Fat

It’s hard to believe that only a few eras ago beauty enhancement techniques were completely taboo to receive or even discuss. Now, with a little help from modern technology, removing problematic fat without surgical incisions has become easier than ever.

Body Sculpting is a non-invasive technology that has become hugely popular in celebrity circles for its ability to contour the body without any need for surgery or downtime. The treatment that has been catching a lot of buzz is a process that uses controlled cooling.

CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis is a procedure that kills fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of skin by freezing them. Although some still denounce the practice, celebrities like the Kardashians living proof behind the powers of body sculpting. Khloe Kardashian even credited  part of her revenge body to Coolsculpting.

In the January 2016 issue of New Beauty, she told the magazine, “I love lasers and I do a ton of them on my face…I’ve also done CoolSculpting and treatments for the stretch marks on my butt.”


The FDA-approved method is designed to eliminate unwanted fat cells safely and painlessly have been a favorite for patients only needing fat removed in stubborn areas. Worldwide, 425,000 CoolSculpting treatments were performed last year alone, according to CBS News. After fat cells are frozen, they are then naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system, liver, and kidneys. It can take six to 12 weeks to see the results, but a patient can lose half an inch from his or her waistline after just one one-hour treatment.

While the non-invasive technique may seem promising, there is still one thing that all doctors can agree on: there is no shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. As with any cosmetic procedure, long-term results are dependent on you. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise are important when it comes to post-procedure performance.

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Written By: Petra Gunn
Instagram: @lovepetraa