Keisha Knight-Pulliam Accompanies Bill Cosby To Fist Day Of Trial

While his legacy and freedom hang in the balance, comedian Bill Cosby is attended day one of his trial for the allegations of sexual assault alongside his longtime screen daughter, Keisha Knight-Pulliam.

Monday Morning the actor was spotted staggering past dozens of cameras while using a wooden cane. Alongside him was his team of lawyers as well as Keisha Knight-Pulliam. The two of them briefly exchange words as they entered into the courthouse. However, longtime wife Camille Cosby was absent.

Amid Cosby’s claims that the allegations against him are racially motivated, the hand picked juror consists of seven men and five women, in which two of those members are black. Moreover, due to the massive publicity surrounding the case, Judge Steven T. O’Neill met with the jurors for an hour.  Judge O’Neil reminded them that the trial is expected to last two weeks as well as advising them not to engage in news updates on their cell phones. The Pittsburgh judge wants to avoid a media frenzy much like the frenzy that surrounded O.J. Simpson’s murder trial in the 1990’s. Furthermore, Pennsylvania does not allow cameras in the courtroom.


Andrea Constand, 44, Cosby’s main accuser, is expected to take the stand for the fist time. Constant will tell her side of the story later this week.