Here’s Why Joseline Hernandez Walked Away From Love &Hip Hop Atlanta

The Puerto Rican Princess walks away from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta after Wendy Williams’ team canceled a scheduled appearance and reunion drama.

Joseline Hernandez recently announced via Instagram that she would no longer appear on VH1’s LHHATL, while threatening to expose the franchise’s executive producer, Mona Scott-Young. According to the Jasmine Brand, a source says Stevie J and Joseline were both set to appear on the Wendy Williams Show. The appearance was set up by Joseline, and without VH1 production.

Things took a turn after Stevie backed out of the appearance, which caused Wendy’s team to cancel the appearance due to Wendy’s production team wanting to interview both Stevie and Joseline.


Furthermore, the source revealed that when Joseline received the news, she turned to VH1 to force Stevie J to appear, but production declined, citing they were not going to make him because it was not something they arranged, nor was he required to do it.

Following the Wendy Williams appearance incident, Hernandez’s anger with production reportedly boiled over the reunion. A separate source told the publication that while it is usually a challenge to work with her, it has been a nightmare.

Sources say she had multi pleasure demands, which included being filmed in her dressing room and NOT on stage with the rest of the cast while trying to dictate how she would participate. Sources also added that the show created this monster, and at this point, she is more of a liability than an asset to the show.

As production became fed up with her “diva-like” attitude, they ultimately told her to abide by the same rules as the rest of the cast, or else. Joseline told them if they did not meet her demands, that she was quitting. Calling her bluff, the production team and network decided not to give in to her demands.

The source has confirmed that Joseline’s departure had nothing to do with how much she gets paid.