Mona Scott Just Handed This Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star A Pink Slip

Mona Scott is making changes to the hit show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Scott is reportedly cleaning house, and this cast member has just received her pink slip.

According to InTouch Weekly, Scott has decided to let go of  ‘wild spirit’ Tommie Lee. While it is no secret that Tommie Lee has a history of getting physically violent with her cast mates on the show, sources say that she has become a ‘security risk’ and it is like she’s some type of “Al Qaeda terrorist” to the producers and staff who work on the show. Leaving everyone to agree that she had to be let go mutually.

Following the news, Tommie took to Instagram Live to air out her frustrations and admitted that the show is ripping her family apart. During this current season, Lee and her mother are not on the best terms and have been going toe-to-toe. Karen King also tried to bring the ladies together for a “Kumbaya moment” which resulted in Tommie walking out.

Lee sent a message to her mother on Instagram Live saying, “My mama, I really wanna apologize to my mama, I love my mama with all my mother***** heart. Everything I got, I worked for, and I struggled, even this mother***** TV show, that s*** hard. I ain’t gon lie; I have came to the conclusion where I slick don’t want to do this s*** no more.”

She then goes on to adress her fans saying, “To everybody that’s been watching me, to everybody that love the kid and all that, I will not be moving on to the next season.

Sorry baby, I will not be doing this s*** anymore just because me,

I’m so mother**** great that I will never give a mother**** opportunity to say they did anything for me. And I will never tear my family apart. So I bow out gracefully, I’m good. I did that.”
Tommie Lee currently has projects in the works and also owns and manages her wine brand, Lè Don wine.


How do you feel about Tommie Lee being cut as a cast member from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?