Karen King is Demanding Prosecutors Hand Over Key Evidence in Court Case

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Karn King is claiming she was induced into talking to police with false promises and was also extremely fatigued at the time and wants the statements thrown out in her upcoming criminal case.

According to The Jasmine Brand, King recently filed court docs demanding prosecutors to hand over key evidence along with statements she made. King insists that the statements are not allowed in the upcoming trial. She is also seeking the court to order prosecutors to reveal the identity of a confidential informant they used, along with revealing whether or not they gave the informant a sweetheart deal in another criminal case. However, King states that the statements in which she made, was not made freely or voluntarily and that they were the result of promises and inducements at a time when she was fatigued. She claims the prosecutors should not be allowed to use any statements she gave previously against her, saying it’s a violation of her constitutional rights. King also claims the police allegedly violated her rights again with an illegal search of her belongings and demands the prosecutors hand over their witness list and evidence they plan on using in the trial.

The reality star is was accused of identity theft after allegedly opening a charge card and to racking up $4,946.52 at Saks Fifth Avenue under someone else’s name. She purchased everything from dresses, perfume, shoes and other expensive items. Law enforcement believe she worked with a store employee in the scheme.

King is facing 3 felony charges – one for the identity fraud and two for credit card fraud. Each charge carries a sentence of at least 1 year behind bars if convicted, meaning she is facing 3 years in prison for the alleged fraud.

The criminal case is currently in the discovery phase with both parties exchanging docs and information in preparation for the trial.