#IndieStreetz The First Ear To The Streetz: Strip Club DJs

This week in Indie Streetz, we talk about how strip club DJ’s break indie records.

Why Strip Clubs Break Records

If you step foot in a strip club there is a 75% chance that you will hear a new track that may not be on radio or even in the streetz yet. A lot of indie and some main stream artists go to the strip clubs just to break records and drop money when it plays!

Magic City pretty much runs the hip hop scene after launching many careers in entertainment. But the staple of the city for breaking hits, the process of how these records were made into hits can’t be simply put without the help of the DJ.

I asked a few strip club DJ’s about the nature of introducing new tracks and indie artists to the streetz and the process of how they break records.

The Process

DJ WebbzAtlanta, GA – Magic City


Instagram: DJWEBBZ Twitter: DJWEBBZ Snapchat: TheRealDJWebbz

How should an indie artist approach a dj?

An artist should approach a dj by 1st introducing themselves. Many artist forget to introduce themselves because they are so focused on the main objective which is for us to listen/play their music.

How should an indie artist break a record??

An indie artist should break a record by first creating a buzz in their home city. Build their brand right at home and get their community/city behind them. Once they find that “Record” then they should then start moving the record around in the state to local clubs, bars, strip clubs, etc.

And if it’s a catchy/kid-teen friendly song find some kids that are great dancers that have a following to do the latest dances to their song because these kids have a lot of power in the music industry. They know what’s hot.

What advice can you give an artist looking to break a song?

Advice I can give to an artist while trying to break a song, CREATE YOUR OWN LANE! Create you’re own sound because you being a creative individual and making your sound will help you stay around in the music game for a while. Imitation will lead your music to be overlooked as well as over saturated.

The Culture 

DJ Mr Wired UpHouston, TX – Onyx

Twitter: @MrWiredUpOhBoy Instagram: @MrWiredUpOhBoy


Why do you think strip clubs are the hit breakers?

Strip Clubs are the best place in my opinion to break a record. Strip clubs are becoming the new regular clubs so its more people there to get new music to the masses.

What perceptions do breaking records in strip clubs give an artist to the industry?

The industry is always in need of new talent. DJs wanna be the first with new music, the new sound, the new wave so the industry goes to them first.

Should an artist pay to get spins?

Depends if its beneficial for there career and the DJ has enough juice to where he could make the record hot.

Atlanta’s culture is the new norm for hip hop artists, some rappers are either trying to catch the wave or just drowning. The industry has many ways to get to the streetz and the clubs are just a percentage of the population. It’s so many more ears to reach and avenues to explore to make a hit record.