Missing Chicago Toddler’s Body Found Under Couch In Family’s Home

The search for a missing Chicago toddler ended after her body was found under a couch in her family’s home.

Just last week 1-year-old Semaj Crosby went missing from her home in the Joliet Township neighborhood in Chicago. The toddler was last seen playing with other children in the front yard of her home and was reported missing 6:30 PM by her family. Local and federal authorities, as well as volunteers, searched the neighborhood for her. While their search efforts turned up with no clues, this past Thursday the body of Semaj Crosby was found under a couch in the family’s home in which authorities described the conditions of the home as, “very deplorable” and was often inhabited by squatters, as reported by The Chicago Tribune. The toddler’s death is considered suspicious. PEOPLE magazine has learned that the mother was under investigation for alleged neglect.

The Department of Children and Family Services visited the home following the toddler being reported missing. However, their visit concluded with no signs of an immediate threat to the child’s safety. The sheriff’s office contacted the local land use to examine the conditions of the home. Upon their examination, the home was red flagged and deemed as “uninhabitable.”

“Upon the conclusion of their examination, they have deemed the house uninhabitable and have red-tagged it,” the statement from the sheriff’s office said.

The DCFS reportedly visited the family’s home 16 times in the last year.

The mother’s attorney Sheri Gordon, stated that she is extremely distraught over the death of her little girl and that she prays for her daughter and appreciates the support of the community. An attorney representing the child’s mother, Sheri Gordon, said her client was “extremely distraught” over the death of her little girl.

The toddler had gone missing last Tuesday and was last seen in the front of her house playing with neighborhood kids.