#IndieStreetz The New Wave Of “No Record Labels”

Over the years artists have strived to be signed by record labels, well that is not the case anymore. More artist have switched lanes from looking to be signed to major labels – to providing their own avenues and marketing their own music.

We can contribute some of the latest changes to Chance The Rapper who is not signed to a label and has continually declined offers. The music industry has definitely made some changes as technology advances and digital media becomes the forefront for marketing.

Now we have seen labels such as Cash Money, Bad Boy and No Limit Records become big and successful as independent labels. They paved the way for a lot of artists today but with the increase of indie artists all over the world now having the ability to release their own music and connect directly with their fans looks like it’s becoming the new norm.

So I asked a few industry friends about this new movement and I will be breaking down how the “indie streetz” work.

DJ Mr Wired Up – Houston, Tx @MrWiredUpOhBoy

How did Chance The Rapper set a standard for artist to you? 

Chance the Rapper set a very high but great standard for all independent artists. Its shows that you HAVE TO work hard in this industry. Everything he has accomplished has come from his motivation to grind and make a statement and he has done just that

How has the industry changed in your eyes?

The Industry always changes. Its a trend changing world…whatever is hot thats what people are going to move to…to a certain extent

What are the key essentials for an independent artist to survive without a label? 

2 words…Grind and Motivation…thats it.

What advice can u give an indie artist to stay above water in this industry? 

A message to artists….Dont stop…never let anyone say you can’t do anything…everything is possible. Do you and do it to the fullest…

Actually it may not be the new norm, many artist have paved the same route for themselves, Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y just to name a few. All these artist chose to independently release projects and build a dedicated fan base off of their own grind and hustle. Check out what points Curren$y think it takes to stay successfully independent.

Reaching success can’t be easy because everyone would have it, the persistence and consistency is important to fans and what builds your notary is building your fan base.  In entertainment the two most important things are your product and klout.


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In a digital media world followers create your klout and your fans are your followers. Basically what I’m getting at is you have to get to your followers and give them the product. Artist find themselves out pushing their music in the Streetz to build klout. The first place an artist goes to get record spins….the strip club

Find out next week how to break your record in the Streetz with an exclusive interview with the first people who break records.