The Showroom Atlanta Trailer Realeased

The Showroom Atlanta (Trailer 2016) from Dow Jones Photography on Vimeo.

The Showroom” is a 5-part documentary series about trendsetting fashion
in the hottest major cities in the country: Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
and New York. It’s an intimate look into the history of fashion in each city, how it spread
across America, and how it continues to influence style and design going into the future.


Urban culture has always been at the forefront of fashion and design, continuously setting
the trends that others will follow. As money and wealth come into urban neighborhoods,
entrepreneurs and tastemakers are able to create modes of dress unseen in suburban
America. Designers often will court these tastemakers and utilize their status within pop
culture to create new trends. We’ll hear from designers, celebrities, and fashionistas about
their impact on the fashion industry and pop culture across all walks of life, from savvy
socialites to downtown hipsters.

This star-studded documentary series captures how brands, designers, and tastemakers
created trends and made fashion statements that transcended urban culture into
mainstream pop culture. From personal stories of fashionistas hitting the streets “dipped”
in new gear but with only a few cents in their pockets, to insight into how style will
evolve into the future, “The Showroom” is for fashion lovers everywhere, an escape from
daily life into the flashing lights and heart-racing atmosphere of the fashion industry.