[INSIGHT] Biker Speaks On What Happened When #RangeRover Ran Over & Paralyzed One Biker [VIDEO]

A clash between a pack of motorcyclists and a Range Rover on a Manhattan highway — which triggered a harrowing chase caught on a viral video — has left one biker facing charges and a second in critical condition.


Edwin “Jay” Mieses, 32, could be paralyzed after being run over during the chaos, a relative said.

“He was an innocent bystander,” Mieses’ aunt, Delilah Domenech, told our source saying her nephew was checking on another motorcyclist when he was struck by the panicked motorist.

A third biker involved in the incident, who was sought by the NYPD after being caught on camera punching the window of the Range Rover, turned himself in on Tuesday, sources are reporting.


The driver of the Range Rover, Alexian Lien, 33 is seen in the video running over some bikers and their bikes. Not shown in the video are the allegations that the driver was beaten by some of the bikers and left with scratches and bruises. The driver wasn’t charged with anything in the situation.

Recently, more footage from the altercation surfaced and one of the bikers is speaking out to share his side of what actually happened that day.

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Source: NBC News & WSHH