Arsenio Hall Show’ Returns After a Nearly 19Year Hiatus

Damn Arsenio Hall looks good…Did you watch the preimere?

Check out the trailer and first episode.

Freddyo Reports:

His original show ran for five years before it’s departure from late night tv. This return marks an unprecedented return after a hiatus. It also marks the beginning of a new era for Arsenio and late night tv. But, the former king of late night expressed his plans to stay at the top and Jay Leno had the following to say:

“Yeah, good luck with that,” said Jay Leno in an obvious nod to Leno’s upcoming departure despite his long tenure at the top in late night.

Hall’s first show, which aired on Monday, featured a surprise guest that even he wasn’t aware of. Paula Abdul wished the late night host the best of luck.

“I’m so proud of you,” she told him. “You know, you’ve done something that no one’s ever done before, or let alone even tried. To come back, 20 years, and step back into this spotlight.”

She said that he’d been missed, and then teased him by asking if he would be moving out of her pool house now that he was working again. Abdul and Hall famously dated back at the height of his fame during his original talk show. Rumor even has it that the pair might be back together once more.

Arsenio will run late night in syndication. We’ll be watching. Will you?